As the Saffrons welcomed fans for the final home game of the season, there was a sense of apprehension in the air. We welcomed the top scorers in the league who have been ruthless in-front of goal scoring 112 goals before this match including scoring 11 in one game against Roffey. Town were forced into a late change to the starting 11 as Anesu Sisimayi got injured in the warmup and forced Callum Barlow onto the pitch. Town were looking to come back from two disappointing games on the bounce to end the season on the high while Newhaven continued to push towards a promotion playoff and potential Isthmian League football next season. 

Newhaven were the first to threaten with a corner in the second minute. The corner was headed into the bottom corner by Tarun Rohilla to make it 1-0. An early blow for Town who were looking to improve on a poor performance five days before. Town then looked to respond with Callum Barlow but then it was straight up the other end for another corner to The Dockers. Winterton saved one unfortunately parrying it to a Newhaven head but Jack Murphy was there to head it away. 

Town then began to grow into the game with Holman firing into the box but Billy Barker was there to stop Barlow having a shot. Delwin Duah then had a good opportunity to play a pass forwards to Holman but he scuffed it. Town held more possession but it was The Dockers who looked the most promising with chances with a cross narrowly missing the foot of Franzen- Jones. Newhaven then beat Winterton who was off his line with Lukas Franzen- Jones looking clear but a wonderful slide from Hover blocked it to keep the deficit at one. Town again had more possession but very little chance, a running theme of late. Then after a stoppage in play, Harry Reed forced a diving save from Winterton. Duah then had a shot from range working the Newhaven keeper for the first time in the half. Lukas Franzen Jones then turned Hover but again Winterton had it covered. Shortly after, Duah had another shot on range going just wide. At the end of the half, Newhaven had another corner, the preferred choice of threat for The Dockers. This time the ref gave a free kick due to a Oscar worthy dive from the Newhaven man. Then Charlie Bennet slid through the defence but the chance was saved by Winterton who looked on form. It was Town who dominated possession, but The Dockers who anchored to stop any advances and had the better of the chances leading 1-0 at the break. 

Town needed a response in this half to avoid it being a second loss on the bounce for the first time since October. 5 minutes into the half, Holman had a great run forwards beating all 4 defenders before opting to pass into empty space rather than shoot. Then Newhaven had a penalty shout as Billy Barker going down in the box but the ref said dive. Then disaster for Town as Harry Reed fired a rocket into the back of the net to put Town at a 2-0 deficit for the first time since Crowborough in January. The game then slowed down as Town seemed to loose confidence. Things went from bad to worse as Newhaven got a third as a pass across got tapped in at the front post by  Lukas Franzen Jones to make it 3-0.  Town looked dilapidated of any energy and as the rain poured down the game became almost a tiki taka competition from hell. Town passed it about. Then Newhaven passed it about and after a quiet final 15 mins, it was Newhaven who won 3-0 to add to Town’s Woes.

Town travel to Hassocks for the final day of the season hoping someone can be a beacon at hope at the Beacon. 

Attendance: 194

Written by: Mackenzie whitehouse