Those who attended the game last Saturday will have noticed our programme cover is based on the classic game Subbuteo and has gained a very wide interest. It was discovered this morning that the French sports paper, L’Équipe, wrote a short article as well as Subbuteo Online, an unofficial fan blog.

The article which translates:
In English Division 9 (SCFL Premier Division) we don’t (yet) cover, but we have ideas. On Saturday, for its first home game of the season against Newhaven, whose profits traditionally go to charity, Eastbourne Town FC released a match schedule with original coverage. We see the eleven holders in figurines of Subbuteo, this table football that Raymond Kopa advertised in 1973, which was a hit in the 1980s, in which France hosted the World Cup in 2017. Marketing coup: £ 1,600 (€ 1,880 ) to benefit a program to help people with learning disabilities.

There has been quite an interest on social media where subbuteo and programme collectors are wanting copies of this programme.