Town came into Tuesday’s fixture on a high after a win against table toppers Crawley Down Gatwick but could they do it on a cold Tuesday night on the outskirts of Bexhill? They made one change to their starting lineup from Saturday. James Waters replacing an injured Tyler Capon. 2 more under 23s products found a place on the bench for tonight’s fixture with Macca Stiles and Mykee Worman looking to get minutes. Little Common came into the game elated after a 6-1 win over mid-table rivals AFC Varndenians. Little Common also made one change with player/manager Russel Eldridge benching himself for the game. 

Handshakes before kick-off between Little Common and Eastbourne Town players.

The game started slowly with Town controlling possession however they had very few chances to show for it. Ollie Davies received a crunching tackle in the third minute which looked a painful one however despite pleas from the bench, no card was shown. Then Town went on a counterattack with a cross sent into the box missed by Lewis Parsons the Common defender leaving James Hull with a shot that fell safely into the hands of the common keeper Matt Cruttwell. 

The possession evened out with both teams having chances, a shot from Freddie Warren going wide and a distance shot from James Hull going over the bar. Controversy came in the 17th minute when Anesu Sisimayi threw himself into a tackle on Bunn as the common fans cried for a booking however the referee concluded that a warning will suffice.

Leon Greigs corner curls over the goalkeeper and into the net.

Late into the first half, Town were awarded a free kick in a dangerous position. It was sent in sweetly and stopped by the Little Common defender using potentially his hands prompting cries from the town dugout. However, the referee gives no foul. Moments later, Leon Greig, a man who scored last week from a corner at the end of the first half last game, lined up to take one at the end of this half. The ball went up and curled spectacularly into the far corner of the goal making it 2 goals from the corner flag in 2 for Leon Greig. Town went into the break a goal up.

Leon Greig celebrates by raising two fingers in the air, acknowledging his back-to-back goals direct from a corner kick.

The second half started slowly as neither side really had any chances. Most of the play was in the midfield. In the 60th minute, Russel Eldridge and his coaches had their hearts in their mouths as a casual pass by Cruttwell was intercepted by Hull but he could not take advantage of the situation. Little Common kept coming forward with pace however their final decision-making was rash and very few shots were measured.  

Fletcher Holman darts into the Little Common penalty area and hits the deck but the referee says no penalty and issues a yellow card for simulation.

Towards the end of the game, Little Common went more direct and Town sat in setting themselves up for the counter attack. Another pinball in the box occurs however no Little Common players can place the ball into the right position and Chris Winterton and defenders put their bodies on the line. Fletcher Holman came off the bench along with Callum Barlow and Mykee Worman to help freshen things up. Holman made an instant impact, running at the defense. At one point It appeared he was brought down in the box by a Little Common defender however it was Holman who was booked for simulation. Things then got desperate for Little Common as crosses are fired in hurriedly and a dangerous free kick forces a punch away from Winterton. However, despite Little Common plugging away for most of the second half, Town held on to claim their second win in a row 

Post-match handshakes after the referee blows his whistle for fulltime.

Attendance: 134 

Town face a trip to playoff rival Steyning on Saturday

Written by: Mackenzie Whitehouse