Pier Pressure is Eastbourne Town’s self-styled ‘Ultras’ movement, the term being used tongue firmly in cheek. The group of supporters came together a few years ago, as a means of actively supporting a local team rather than following a professional team on Sky Sports.

The group actively volunteer within the club, helping maintain the clubs social media presence and designing match day programmes, posters, merchandise and the club’s website. Pier Pressure also run various initiatives through the club, such as collections for Eastbourne Foodbank and a fundraising scheme for the Kick Racism Out Of Football campaign. All the while maintaining an anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-sexist and anti-violence stance.

Whilst Pier Pressure are the Town’s most vocal group of supporters another more militant group of fans, the ‘Beachy Head Ultras’, founded by former Toploader member No Face No Name, are the clubs more visual group of fans, displaying a variety of banners and flags that add colour to the Saffrons on match-day

Like-minded supporters are always welcomed to watch the game with Pier Pressure, fans who like their football fast, cheap (£6 entry) and loud will surely enjoy the spectacle that the towns largest independent supporter group generate.